Veterinary noncompetes in light of FTC ban

At Unleashed Veterinary Dermatology, we were pleased to see the April 23 ruling by the Federal Trade Commission banning most noncompete agreements from the workplace. A surprising 18% of working Americans are affected by noncompete agreements, but veterinarians are disproportionately affected at a rate as high as 69%. Undoubtedly, there is still a long legal road […]

Our first patient

Dr. Falk with a black labrador

Our very first patient is Ferris, a very beloved patient that Dr. Falk has known for years.

Take a tour

The reception area

Take a tour of our newly renovated clinic. We renovated it with a focus on fear-free principles and the comfort of our clients and patients.

Online self-scheduling is now available

A key labelled "Book online" on a keyboard

Online appointment booking  Do you like to reserve appointments from the convenience of your computer or device? So do we! We are pleased to announce that our online appointment self-scheduling system is online. This system will work in conjunction with our patient portal where you can access your records. It also works integrally with our […]

Renovations underway

The clinic lobby prior to renovation

After several months of planning with our architect and contractor, the renovations for our clinic have now begun. They include modernizing our facility, adding exam rooms, a pharmacy and a laboratory, and transforming an existing large kennel area into a new break room and office for our staff. Another set of changes that we are […]

Treatment options for Canine Allergic Dermatitis

A dog scratching himself

Long-term allergy medications There are two main reasons to treat your dog with allergy medications: he is excessively itchy, and/or he is suffering from recurrent ear or skin infections. Some dogs only need intermittent or seasonal management of their allergies, while patients that are affected year-round usually benefit from long-term, maintenance medications. This is because […]

Should I get an allergy test for my dog or cat?

A grid of circles on a rectangle of a black lab's coat, each circle corresponding to an allergen site

Allergy testing is one of the most common reasons cats and dogs visit a veterinary dermatologist. When considering allergy testing for a beloved pet, there are several factors to consider: Is allergy testing needed to diagnose a pet with allergies? No. In fact, diagnosing allergies requires a clinical diagnosis, which occurs when a pet has […]