Veterinary noncompetes in light of FTC ban

At Unleashed Veterinary Dermatology, we were pleased to see the April 23 ruling by the Federal Trade Commission banning most noncompete agreements from the workplace. A surprising 18% of working Americans are affected by noncompete agreements, but veterinarians are disproportionately affected at a rate as high as 69%Undoubtedly, there is still a long legal road before a rule such as this one is implemented. Nonetheless, we hope that this rule is a stepping stone for veterinary professionals’ economic freedom as well as the sanctity of the doctor-pet relationship.

At Unleashed Veterinary Dermatology, we never ask any of our employees to sign a noncompete agreement or an agreement with any other restrictive covenant. Instead, we aim to retain them with our top-of-market compensation, state-of-the-art equipment like our VetScalpel surgical laser, and attention to quality of life.

We are confident that veterinarians considering our open position for a second veterinary dermatologist will appreciate our culture of excellence and respect for our veterinary professionals’ workplace rights.

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